3-D Sensing and Visualization

Like Glitch, I also finished another 7-week course with Kyle McDonald called 3-D Sensing and Visualization. The course covered a wide range of content, from building a 3-D scanner from scratch, to projection mapping, to 3-D printing.

I was immersed heavily in openFrameWorks and its library for the Kinect. Using the depth camera on the Kinect, you can make lots of cool stuff. Like this:

Swarm Tracking in 3D from Mark Kleback on Vimeo.

I was also able to interface the Kinect with Arduino, and started dabbling around with basic robotics:

Kinect and Arduino from Mark Kleback on Vimeo.

Staring Contest from Mark Kleback on Vimeo.

Using this technology, I'm working on a collaboration with the Puppets class at ITP, so stay tuned for a responsive robotic creation...

Projection Mapping is also a pretty cool tool for creating dynamic semi-three-dimensional projections:

Projection Mapped Drums from Mark Kleback on Vimeo.

This particular projection took drum inputs from an Arduino, and displayed graphics on the corresponding drum.

I'm looking forward to using the tools from this class in many future projects.

For more work from this class check out our class blog:

3-D Sensing and Visualization

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