Stand-Up Tragedy

In between my thesis and other projects, I've been working on the sound design and projections for the play Stand-Up Tragedy by Bill Cain. It's a play about a high school in the Lower East Side in 1987. The play is being held in the Nativity Church on 2nd Ave and 2nd Street, in pretty much the same building the actual events took place almost thirty years ago.


The following animation was made using scans by one of the students in the cast, and projected into an art portfolio during this monologue:

"I get my portfolio from where I hid it and I draw. I will do as Mr. Griffin says. When they sleep they are all one animal with many souls."
"No, I don't draw that. My mother is a graceful curve. She is my child and the children are old."
"No, I don't draw that. Oranges. Apples. Apples"

The play runs Wednesday through Saturday until May 4th at the Nativity Church. You can buy tickets at

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